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When it comes to sexuality, some of us are a little shy and some of us very liberal. We understand that some people are looking for a little romance, while others are interested in being more adventurous. At the end of the day we are all individual and this means having different needs.

Although it’s true that the perception of adult toys and lifestyle products have changed to be more liberal and comfortable, after some research we found that there was still a gap in the local market. We felt what the local online market needed was a reputable, customer service orientated Adult Lifestyle store with an upmarket approach, catering for everyone. The majority of us will not walk into an obscure, offensive or run-down store, even if they are selling what we want, so why should it be different online?

Furthermore, we found that the more sophisticated online stores often seem to have a biased approach in terms of their product offering and marketing. They either cater to a specific sexual orientation or are very gender specific in their marketing. This is where we aim to be different. Regardless of your sexual orientation, we do not discriminate against gender and believe that we have created a unisex environment where men and women can feel comfortable shopping. A private and discreet space for you to explore romance, sensuality, intimacy or items considered a little more “naughty”.

We are differentiated not only by the quality products we sell, but more importantly, by the fact that we aim to make you feel comfortable, confident and excited when shopping with us.

Ultimately we want you to have a great experience that continues long after you log off.

Customer Service Promise

We know that the existence of our business is dependent on the level of service we provide and you, our customer, which is why we have implemented a customer centric culture in our business.

The result of our focus was to create a Customer Service Promise that drives every part of our business and every decision we make.

Here is our promise to you:

  • To host a secure & safe online shopping environment
  • To treat all customer information and interaction as highly confidential and private
  • To provide a professional, personal, efficient and discreet world class service
  • To ensure that we only stock quality & safe products with detailed descriptions to allow you to make an informed decision
  • To attend to all customer queries & feedback as soon as possible

It is important to remember that when it comes to privacy and confidentiality our staff are legally bound by confidentiality agreements. For more information, please view our Terms & Conditions.

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We value any comments and feedback we receive as we view these as an opportunity to improve where possible and in turn give you the service you deserve. One of the primary points in our Mission Statement is to exceed customer service, which means responding to every query as soon as possible, even if it's just to say "Thank You".


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