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How do I know I can trust that your site and my details are safe and secure?

  • Our site is W3C compliant, which follows set international standards. For more information, go to http://www.w3c.org
  • Our site address changes to “https://” before entering your personal and credit card information. This is indicated by a padlock icon at the bottom of your window to show that your information is encrypted before leaving your PC. Click on the padlock to view the authenticated certificate
  • Your credit card details are not stored and none of the Sinz staff have any access to it. These details are sent directly to authorised banking institutions in SA via encryption for them to process.
  • For more information on the Authentication & Security Certificates we use, go to: http://www.verisign.co.za
  • Our payment merchant is PayFast: http://www.payfast.co.za


We are legally bound to keep your information secure and confidential. We value your privacy and security and as result have incorporated reputable international Authentication Services to ensure your details are safe and secure.

For more information, please view our Terms & Conditions.

How discreet are you really?

Providing customer satisfaction, in this instance, means to be 100% discreet.

  • For credit card purchases your statement will reflect “Wink-e Commerce”. There are no implications of Sex, Adult Store / Toys or anything related
  • Our return address is a PO Box
  • Our emails with regards to your registration and order confirmation will be sent with discreet subject lines such as “Order” and will display in your inbox as: from “SnS”.
  • All parcels are discreetly packaged. See our Delivery & Returns section for more information

Your privacy is something we take VERY seriously and as result we suggest that you supply us with a private and secure email address to use, especially if you sign up to receive our newsletters

How do I buy something?

Take a leisurely browse through our site:

  • Select the product you want and click “Add to Cart”
  • When you are ready click on Checkout at the top of the page
  • Login or, if you do not have an account, click on register to fill in your details. Remember, your details are 100% safe and secure and our privacy policy means we will not sell your details to anyone or send you any newsletters, unless you ask.
  • Proceed with checkout

Is the price I see, the price I pay?

The price you see for an item while browsing is the price you will pay for that item. The only costs to add to your order would be shipping and delivery costs which can be found here.

We have no hidden costs, such as Vat to be added when you checkout.

How can I pay you?

Super easy and simple! We accept the following:

  • All major Credit Cards & Debit Cards
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) from any South African bank
  • Direct bank deposits at your local bank (not from an ATM)

If you opted to pay us via EFT or Direct Deposit during the checkout, we will send you our bank details with the confirmation email.

If this is your first time shopping online, or if you would like more information, Contact Us and we will email you detailed instructions & information.

Alternatively, visit http://www.payfast.co.za for more information on different payment methods.

How do I know that you have received my order?

You will see a confirmation page after checkout and also receive confirmation via email.

What are your delivery times and costs?

Please have a look at our Delivery & Returns section.

Are your products legal and safe?

Yes! All our products are legal and sold legally. We are very strict with regards to health & safety and as result the products we sell are of the highest quality.

We believe in constantly building a reputable brand and to establish private, long term customer relationships. This would not be possible if we sold cheap items that contain toxins or anything that could be harmful to your health when used for its intended purpose.

What if I have another question, comments or suggestions?

We would love to hear from you!! We realise that other than exceptional customer service, the success of our business depends on you and your satisfaction.

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Your email address will not be published on this site nor given to a third party.

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